We are so close yet so far...

"distance means nothing when someone means everything"
sometimes, we understood we got another commitment so that we far away..

but sometimes we got confusing about our feeling..

We always keep told each other to thinks positive..and to be strong

But still..we fight over and over again..

even if we fight a lot, we trust each other and enjoy to make a long distance relationship..

Distance is just a test of how far love can go..

That awkward moment when we realize the strong feeling between us..

And we know that it's hard to be in long distance relationship.

Until we tired counting the days..

InsyaAllah..that day will come.. ^___^

"Kerana jarak itu bukan menghukum..tapi menjaga.."

This distance is really killing me.. I miss you..
InsyaAllah.. if we are meant to be together we'll be together..

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